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Your wedding day is the wonderful culmination of months of hard work. You don’t only need to book the venue and organise your outfit, there is a myriad of other details to sort. Wedding preparation can include everything from writing your vows, to planning your stag weekend.

If you are searching for bridal health and fitness coaching, help planning your hen’s night, a wedding makeup trial, assistance from an event decorator or wedding planner, or even pre-marital counselling, you’ll find it in our directory of awesome vendors.

Having a wedding planning schedule is an easy way to avoid a last minute “argh! I can’t believe we forgot to book that!” panic. Your wedding checklist should include less obvious activities like choosing readings for your service (3 months before), confirming the menu with the caterer (2 months before), and making a playlist (1 month before).

The stress of planning a wedding can be enough to make some couples want to chuck it all in and elope, but with our directory of wedding planning professionals you can make it from engagement to happily ever after with ease.

Far from being the legal bit to get out of the way before you start drinking, your wedding ceremony is the focal point of your entire day. It is the door you will open on to your new life together. Whether that door is of the beautifully gilded palace variety instead of the squeaky and rusty garage sort, all comes down to how well your ceremony is planned.

The first thing you need for your ceremony is a celebrant. The job is done for you if you’re tying the knot in a church, but if you’re having a civil ceremony then you will need to find one. The easiest way to do this is to browse the celebrants in our directory, then speak with a few of the ones you like the best. The popular ones get booked up months in advance, so start looking as soon as you have your date.

Your celebrant will help you plan a ceremony which is all about you, helping you choose appropriate vows or write your own, and taking you through the process so you’re comfortable with what will happen.

Consider your guests’ comfort when planning your ceremony, providing chairs for those who won’t be able to stand for the duration, and shade if it’s in the heat of the day. It’s sensible to speak with your photographer about the timing of an outdoor ceremony, as the changes in natural light can really make a difference to the look of your photos. Ask your celebrant whether they have any other events booked on the same day.

Don’t bow to pressure if you’re not comfortable with an aspect of a ceremony. This is your story, and it deserves to be celebrated exactly the way you want it to be.

There are parties, and then there is your wedding reception – a social event to eclipse all others and linger in the happiest recesses of your guests’ memories forever. Well, that’s how you want it to be, anyway. No couple starts planning a wedding they hope will be “average” or “okay”, but sadly, that’s how many turn out when they don’t have the right support from the best people.

Some couples adore planning a wedding reception to the last detail, while others couldn’t think of anything worse. Whether you want a full event planning service, bomboniere and personalised wedding favours, a wedding DJ to keep the dance floor full all night long, or party supplies for DIY wedding decorations, you will find it in our directory of awesome wedding vendors.

Your wedding ceremony is serious, but your reception is fun! It is all about setting the stage to show yourselves off as a newly minted couple, thanking your family and friends for being there to celebrate this momentous occasion, and enjoying the fact that you have finally taken the step into the world of Mr and Mrs. Make it stylish, make it creative, and above all, make it as amazing as the rest of your married life will be.

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