Bootylicious Bride

Bootylicious bride

The date is set; you have the man of your dreams, now you plan to enjoy your special day looking and feeling a million bucks.

And why not?

The beautiful dress, the flowers, the hair and makeup, it’s like being styled for a movie set and all eyes will be on you. Just so divine.

For some the preparation process involves losing a few kilos and whatever your weight loss goal and whatever your timeframe, why not make this a complete lifestyle change forever? For you, for your future husband, for your future family… taking steps in the right direction now will set you up not only for your wedding day, but for your whole life.

So let’s make it a happy, healthy one!

In the lead up to your wedding day there is so much to be done, the last thing you need is a starvation diet to make you tired, cranky and with no energy to face the stressful situations that are flung your way. Hunger diets are old school anyway and have been proven time and time again not to work.

Mega nutrition and high fat/low carb are the latest success stories and bring with them an easy ride to weight loss. This is because you don’t go hungry, your body has an automatic off switch when it has enough real food and you have all the nutrients your body needs to keep you bouncing off the walls with energy, happy and feeling good.

As you transition to real foods though, sometimes old cravings sneak up that you normally would satisfy with that big ol’ bar of chocolate or packet of salt and vinegar chips. Some would have you try and quash the cravings with special teas or other pills, however I believe cravings are your body’s way of telling you what it needs. And the best thing to do is listen and learn what the craving actually means.

For example chocolate – real raw cacao is actually full of amazing nutrients such as magnesium and as for chips, that salty crave is usually a cry for real Himalayan rock salt which again is full of amazing minerals that your body needs to function. What we do though is eat junk food, don’t give the body what it needs, then it craves more and we wonder why we can’t stop eating!

As much as your cravings can get you off track if you don’t approach it in the right way – one chocolate bar leads to five and you declare “I’ll start again on Monday,”- so too can your past habits bump all your great intentions to the curb. Friday night drinks with the girls that leads to Saturday hangover recovery…burgers, chips, or anything greasy that will soothe the pounding head and ease the nausea.

This lifestyle change stuff takes serious focus as a lifetime habits are darn hard to change, so the best way to do this is in three actions:-


1. Be really, really clear on what you want.

Something like… I am going to be X-kgs by ‘this’ date and I am going to do it by eating ‘this’ way and exercising ‘this’ way.


2. Imagine how it will feel when you get there

How happy you will be; how proud you will be of yourself for having achieved the goal; how your body will feel amazing; how confident you will be; how amazing you will look in your wedding dress. And then…


3. Remind yourself of the goal and the feeling, every single day

It may be little reminders you set on your phone via the alarm or notes, such as…

‘I will look amazing on my wedding day.’

‘I’m so glad I’m on my way to losing weight’

‘I’ve lost a bit already and it’s feeling fantastic.’

Or sign up to a weight loss blog or instagram account that you like, which again puts you in the right frame of mind every day. Then when the lure of junk food or old habits rear up, your mindset is already in your feel good new lifestyle place and the old stuff is not as tempting any more.

One final note, be realistic about how much weight you can or want to lose before your wedding, half a pound or 500g per week is healthy weight loss that you are likely to be able to maintain. Wanting to improve your health is a great thing, just remember, your husband to be, friends and family love you anyway just as you are…and besides, lose too much and your beautiful dress won’t fit!


Here’s to a beautiful wedding!

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by Kristy Zenk

Slim Birdy and book Lite as a Feather is the creation of Kristy Zenk, a writer and marketing professional who battled with her weight most of her life. After years of yo-yo dieting and binge eating, her life changed forever when she decided enough was enough. No more listening to everyone else’s advice, and instead to tune into what her body was telling her. Based in the healthy to alternative eating camp, finding your happy body in the most feel good way is the message. Pass the raw chocolate please!

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