Rain, Rain Go Away! How to deal with Bad Weather on Your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day


One of the main reasons couples choose to marry when they do is for the weather. The week before their big “I do” they pray to the weather god that it won’t be too hot (sweaty faces and limp hair), too cold (goose bumps and uncomfortable smiles in the photos), and please, please, not raining. Logic tells you that it’s pointless stressing about the weather because there’s nothing you can do to influence it so instead of panicking about the worst that could happen, take control by making a contingency plan in case it does.

Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

Rain is the number one climate concern for couples planning their wedding day, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re clever. Go through wet weather options with your photographer when discussing photo locations. Ask whether they will require extra time for lighting to be set up, and consider making umbrellas and gumboots a cute photo accessory for you and your wedding party.

Bride's White wellington on the gras

Crossing your fingers won’t do much to prevent a downpour ruining an outdoor celebration. The extra expense of having a marquee on standby will be money will spent if you wake up on your special day to the pitter-patter of raindrops, and your guests will certainly appreciate not having their drinks diluted by rainwater. If you are hiring a venue talk to them about how they plan to compensate for wet weather, either by being able to erect cover over outside areas or by making an indoor function room available.

It’s Too Darn Hot

Unseasonably warm weather can be just as much of a problem as ridiculously wet weather, not only for you but for your guests as well. Dehydration can be a real concern especially for your very young or old guests, and those who are drinking a lot of alcohol. Buy a few cases of water that you can put on ice before your ceremony if the day looks like it will be a scorcher, ready to refresh your guests when they need it. Since you won’t have to open the water until the day of your wedding you can always return it should it not be required. Elegant paper fans that double as favours are another top tip for keeping your guests happy.Wedding

Your makeup artist and hairdresser might suggest a different style for humid weather. The key with make-up is to keep it oil free and use a cream blusher under your foundation rather than over it. You can use a fixing spray or oil-absorbing blotting sheet throughout the day to help keep you looking fresh faced and radiant. Braids are ideal for dealing with frizzy or lank locks caused by humidity and provide extra grip for your veil or headpiece.

A braided bridal do will help combat ugly frizz


It may be difficult but don’t get overly obsessed with the weather. Talk to all your vendors about their plans for bad weather, and look at wedding insurance if you’re concerned that aspects of your celebration may need to be cancelled due to high winds or floods. The important thing is that you’ll be marrying the love of your life, not that you might get a little wet between the church and reception.

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