Hair and beauty

When it comes to wedding hair and beauty, the guys have it easy! Any bride knows that while their wedding is a shared event, there is a lot more focus on them, bringing with it the pressure to look utterly breathtaking.

A great wedding hair stylist and bridal makeup artist will enhance your natural beauty, showcasing the features you love and disguising the ones you don't so you look like the best version of yourself ever. You don't want to merely look special; with all eyes and cameras on you, you want to look sensational.

Wedding makeup needs to appear flawless in real life and natural in photographs, while you want your hair to stay in place without having been lacquered so thoroughly you look like you have created a new hole in the ozone layer. A top tip is to have your makeup trial just before your engagement photo shoot so you can see exactly how you will appear in your wedding photos.

Browse our directory of wedding hair and makeup stylists to find the right one for you, regardless of whether you're a blushing bride in Brissie, as pretty as a picture in Perth, or simply stunning in Sydney.