It's a rare couple who doesn't find they have at least one friend or family member who won't be able to make it to their wedding. Whether it's you who has decided to tie the knot far from your home town, your best mate who will miss it because they're on a Mediterranean beach, or your granny who is in a nursing home, everyone will have the opportunity to see you in all your wedding glory via the magic of wedcasting.

No longer do your loved ones have to rely on some shaky footage someone shot on their phone and hastily uploaded to Facebook. Instead, they can sit down with a celebratory glass of champagne and watch you tie the knot in real time, viewing the event live via a private link your wedcaster will have provided in advance of your big day. As well as being streamed live, the event can also be recorded to give you and your guests the ability to easily share and watch it whenever you like.

Our wedcasters are experienced videographers, not some random person with a smartphone. We're talking top quality, superb sound and definition. They won't interfere with your photographer or guests, and are experts at event broadcasting.

The absence of someone important can cast a shadow over your enjoyment, but wedcasting gives everyone you love the opportunity to share this fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime celebration with you.