Choosing a wedding cake

Choosing the perfect wedding cake can be a lot of fun. Once you've got a couple of key decisions out of the way (i.e. the size and the type), create a style that reflects your personality. Check out some of the very talented cake decorators listed below for some inspiration.

Wedding cake

Your wedding cake is more than merely dessert - it's the centrepiece of your reception. Don't assume that because you've watched a few episodes of The Great Australian Bake Off that you're ready to tackle it. It takes a real craftsperson to transform everyday ingredients into a cake worthy of pride of place on its own decorated table, ready to be photographed and cut in your first act as husband and wife.

As a rule of thumb, the more complicated the cake the more expensive it will be as it takes longer to assemble and decorate. Shapes such as octagons and hearts will cost more than round, square or rectangular cakes, because the tins will cost the baker more and are harder to come by. The size of cake you need depends on your number of guests and whether you are serving it in slices for dessert, or fingers with coffee. A good way to save money is to have a smaller, fancy cake for show, and a larger plainly iced sheet cake hidden in the kitchen to be sliced and served.

Questions to ask your wedding cake maker include how far in advance your cake will be made, whether delivery and a cake stand is included in the price (this is worth paying extra for if you have an especially large or intricate cake), and who will actually be decorating the cake if it's not the person you are talking to.

Wedding cakes give you the opportunity to be bold and daring in colour and style. Think of it more as a work of art than a humble cake. Our directory of wedding bakers can transform your vision into fondant coated reality.