How to Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions and Achieve Your Goals


Making a new year’s resolution is something all of us do at least once. Unfortunately, so is breaking one. Here is everything you need to know to achieve your goals and get everything you want in 2016.

1. Have a purpose

Know the reason behind your goal. If it’s to change jobs, is it because you’re not being challenged, or because you need a higher salary for something important, or because your job doesn’t match your values? Identifying what is motivating you will help keep you focused not only on what you want to achieve, but why.

2. Be Realistic

The easiest way to fail is to set yourself an impossible task. If it’s a big goal, or something new to you, do some research to find the best way to go about it. Break your goal down into achievable steps. There’s no way you can scale a mountain by the end of January, but you can make it to the foothills.

3. Get Help

It might be your goal, but that doesn’t mean you have to achieve it in isolation. Enlist help where you need it, whether it’s with a diet and training programme if your aim is to improve your health and fitness, from a mentor if your goal is to progress in your career, or by getting your profile on dating sites and asking your friends to set you up if you’re looking for love.

4. Avoid the “quick fix”

Real results take work. Don’t let your head be turned by Instagram pics or Facebook ads which promise something you know can’t be true. You won’t be the one person who tells your boss to stick their job where the sun doesn’t shine and walk straight into your dream job, nor will you be the only one in the world who gets off the couch and runs a marathon without training.

5. Stay Positive

Focus on what is working and do more of that. Keep reminding yourself why you’re doing this, and how far you’ve come. Build in smaller targets and rewards so you can celebrate your achievements along the way. Treat a setback as exactly that. It’s not a failure, it’s just you learning a way not to do something. Even trying means you’re making more progress than doing nothing – every failure is a step closer to success.


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