Ways to keep productive in your home office


Working from home is a wonderful way to exist – I should know I do it every day and love it! But I do have to stick to a few rules to keep myself from getting distracted and making sure I’m productive each day. Here are my top tips for making the most of your home office


Keep things simple – try to declutter ruthlessly and often. Throw away all the bits of paper you really don’t need. An untidy, cluttered space will distract you and cause confusion.




Personal touches & inspiration – include some personal touches to make the office your own. HART : LDN Home Decor stock a great range of inspirational prints to keep you to keep you hustlin’ each day!




Invest in a comfortable chair – take time to research what is ergonomically correct for your body and invest. You’ll be in that chair for many hours so make it a good one that supports your spine. Your body will thank you!





Remove distractions – when you are working try to make sure your office is free from whatever distracts you day to day. TV’s, magazines, radio. Then give yourself breaks and go and enjoy the distractions! Everyone needs a rest.





Lighting – try to have a mix of lighting that is bright enough and mid way between warm & cool.





Be organised – investing some of your precious time in completely organising your office will pay off in the long run. When you know exactly where everything is you’ll save time and your productivity will soar! It sounds like simple common sense but if you take the time to get it right it really works, I promise.


Choosing your colour palette – choosing your colour palette can be tough so here is a short guide to give you a hand.


Blue / violet – for coolness, relaxation and peace. Probably not ideal for an office as you may get a little too relaxed!


Green – green makes us think of nature and all things organic. Green can balance you and help concentration.


Red – exciting and stimulating! Just go for a feature wall not the entire room.


Neutral tones – white, ivory, grey. This will lead to feelings of comfort and wont distract you from running your business.


Purple – can stimulate your imagination!


Yellow – attention seeking and possibly too overpowering for an office space.


I do hope you find these tips useful and looking forward to seeing you next month for more tips, information and interior inspiration!


Love Tiffany x


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by Tiffany Jade Benn

Having had a career in finance for 15 years in both London & Sydney Tiffany finally decided to take the plunge, armed with her passion for interiors, and open her own online home-wares store. Having a positive impact on others is the main vision for the business. Tiffany’s mission was to create the No.1 easily found and accessed marketplace for everyone searching for Australian designed & produced products – the vast majority of products here are exactly that! She is very proud to support our amazing home grown talent!

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